By taking it one step at a time. SEO is already a long-term process, and inbound marketing is no different. Creating and sharing good content is a time-consuming and sometimes taxing process, so while daily posts or updates would be great, it just isn’t realistic in most cases. And that’s okay.

We will evaluate your website and those of your competition in addition to data regarding your targeted keywords. From there, we create a content strategy that includes what kind(s) of content to focus on, on what platform(s), and how often to make updates. We always use existing data and data collected continuously to refine your strategy for the best results.

Concerning the content creation process, we will work together to make sure you have the best content. Since you are the experts in your industry, you will be responsible for producing the majority of longer content and making sure it is factually accurate. After that, we can perform any editing, proofreading, and optimization, as well as handle smaller posts and interactions. And of course, you can contact us anytime with questions or concerns, important or insignificant.