Most of us think of a blog post as simply a blog post, so why we differentiate between types can be confusing.

When coming up with content for a campaign—including blog posts—we’re presented with a glaring restriction: time. Since creating quality content is a time-consuming process and, just like in high school, plagiarism is frowned upon, we have to keep an eye fixed on efficiency when it comes to blog posts. That’s why we break blog posts down into two broad categories with slight differences.

Repurposed blog posts

A repurposed blog post will be short, generally around 100 words. The content will be a paraphrased version of a news story or other relevant item intended to add relevant content to the blog without taking up much time.

Original blog posts

An original blog post is longer, usually between 300-500 words, but sometimes more. The content for an original blog post can also stem from a news item or another source, but in these posts there will be more original input. Since this almost always requires additional research, thought, and more careful editing, original blog posts take much longer to produce. However, the end result is something that’s more sharable and more valuable for both users and a website.