Locating Your Google+ Business Page

The burning question is this: how do you find your unclaimed business page on Google? It’s an excellent question! Here’s how to find your business page on Google+:

  1. Type your business name, city, state and the words “google plus” into Google Search
  2. If your Google+ business page exists, a URL that resembles this one should appear: http://plus.google.com/1162xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. If a Google+ page doesn’t exist yet for your business, easily create one by visiting Google+ for Business

If you are able to find your Google+ page, it should look something like this:

Unclaimed-Google-Page 2

Now that you’ve found your business page, you probably want to claim it:

  1. Click the ‘Manage this page’ button
  2. Verify your right to claim the page
  3. Edit the page’s information and, like a personal Google+ account, share content and create circles