3 Common SEO Myths

By March 16, 2015 April 29th, 2015 Inbound Marketing, Search Engine Optimization


How Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs) actually optimize their websites is usually a closely guarded secret. This level of mystery and the technical nature of web development in general are the main reasons why most people don’t understand what goes into actively optimizing a website for search traffic.

Still, we all tend to know something about SEO. The problem is that many times, what we think about SEO is either outdated or pretty far from the truth. If it’s been a while since you’ve last looked into it, you will probably recognize these 3 common myths surrounding SEO:


1. SEO is not a real thing


St. Louis SEO Over Time

The above image is a screenshot of actual traffic for an actual dentist’s website. This is an example of what SEOs strive for. This site has seen a 142.75% traffic increase since Clix took control of the site. The best part of all this – Google/Organic traffic has increased 135%!

SEO Organic Traffic Growth

These results were obtained through nothing more than hard work, dedication, and expertise. Search Engine Optimization is a real thing. Sadly, there are many less-than-ethical “marketing” vendors who promise SEO services or “Top Rankings” –  and deliver pathetic results if they deliver any results at all . If you are paying an “SEO Specialist” anything like $49/month, or $100/month for “Top Rankings,” you are absolutely getting scammed.


2. SEO is a 1-and-done deal

Organic search traffic is not something that can be achieved – it’s something you and your site have to earn. Continually maintaining and bettering your SEO efforts is essential because of:


  • Link degradation (a.k.a. link rot)
  • Decreasing Site Speed
  • Search engine algorithm updates
  • Manual Action Penalties
  • Competition getting stronger
  • Outdated content
  • …and more


3. Link building will hurt your rankings

Recently, the SEO world got all huffy puffy when Google’s John Mueller stated link building is something he’d “try to avoid.”

Many misinterpreted this to mean that link building is bad, against the rules, and Google will penalize you for it.

I’m certain John was referring spammy link building techniques like link farming and link trading schemes, no doubt encountered frequently at Google. Natural link building is and always will be a good thing. Besides, natural links are the backbone of the internet – we can’t expect the world to just stop sharing information!

There are definitely more SEO myths out there, and more might be cropping up everyday. To get the story behind honest SEO that actually works, contact Clix.


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