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Why You Should Choose Clix For All of Your Online Marketing Needs


Communicating with existing and potential customers is a snap with Clix automation. Attract new leads, stay in front of your clients, and build your brand using automated appointment reminders, review requests, and prospect nurturing.

Communicating effectively, consistently, and efficiently is the most powerful tool businesses have to engage clients and earn their trust, yet lack of communication is one of the most common reasons opportunities fall through the cracks. Let The Clix Group increase efficiency, reduce no-shows, and boost your business’s reputation through our simple yet proven automation solutions.

Search Engine Optimization

When a search is done in a search engine, it returns results based on an algorithm that is ever changing and adjusts the rankings of the website incrementally. However, the page’s authority is based on the page’s search engine optimization (SEO) qualities. In addition to elements like the website’s metadata, search engines take into account the relevancy of the content, the ease of website usage, and the quality of the content.

Partnering with a digital marketing company like The Clix Group whose team has the skills and knowledge necessary to research and implement the optimizations will lead to a website that is both user-friendly and more favorable in search results.

Call Tracking

Call tracking provides visibility into media channels, service categories, or locations. This allows for the lead pathway to be tracked to its original source, such as a user coming from a paid or organic. The reporting call tracking provides allows our clients to determine not only what their customer service experience is like from a user standpoint, but how their inbound and/or paid media campaigns are progressing.

The Clix Group provides call tracking as part of its inbound and paid media services. Taking advantage of the technology behind call tracking helps business owners improve services and see the true return on their investment in marketing services.

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