Good Samaritan Strategy and Link Building

Having a fat and happy backlink link profile has been a goal of SEOs since the beginning of time… or at least 1998. Since then, SEOs have conceived many different link building tactics. One underrated strategy is very plain and very simple, being a good samaritan.

I’m not saying run out side, walk an old lady across the street, and then ask her start a blog just link out to you. I’m saying you should keep an eye out for mistakes, error messages, and webmaster oversights while you are surfing the interwebzz, performing competitive backlink analyses, and reading through other industry related material. Then, reach out to the site owner or webmaster informing them of the errors you found.

Let’s say the Webmaster you reached out to then sends you a kind note back saying, “Dude. You’re the best! Thanks for being such a good samaritan!” BOOM! A new symbiotic relationship is now in the works.

You might respond back to this Webmaster with something to the effect of, “No problem. I was just browsing your site, like I always do, and stumbled upon the error. By the way, I provide some services – I have a new piece of content you might like – I want to know what you think of my last article… ”

If you are doing your research, staying updated, and staying social, you are bound to run into an error. Something as simple as a broken image or malfunctioning form system can be a great reason to email someone and start a digital relationship.

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