Email marketing puts you right in front of your customers

It has never been easier to communicate directly with your customers. Not only your customers, but your best customers. Email marketing is flexible, targeted, and sometimes automatic, allowing you to deliver high-intent and precisely-timed messages without the cost and uncertainty of direct mail. It’s time to bring your campaign into the 21st century.

Highly targeted messages in your customers’ inboxes

Email marketing gives you the platform to tailor high-intent messages to all or some of your customers right at the moment of decision. Email campaigns are extensively customizable, all the way from design to mailing lists and automation.

Data, data, data

As with everything we do at Clix, data is the cornerstone of email marketing. The ability to measure customer behavior and interaction determines the direction of a fluid and closely-managed campaign.


Email marketing works seamlessly with our content strategy

After we get to know you and your business, we start to make a custom email marketing campaign. This includes custom branded email designs, custom content, and personalized automation and reporting. It all revolves around your goals, whether that means nurturing leads, retaining current customers, or promoting a product or service. We want your customers to take action.


First, we get familiar with your business and your industry. This allows us to tailor a strategy to your goals and your customers’ needs and behavior.


Developing a campaign is all about problem solving. We use the tools at hand to make things work most effectively, from email design to campaign automation.


We start the campaign and make adjustments along the way. Email campaigns are fluid, so every aspect can be adjusted at any time.


We can see how your customers interact with your emails and your website. That makes measuring the effectiveness of a campaign easy.