#SocialMedia OMG!

St. Louis social media marketing & management

We make social media part of your customized marketing plan from the beginning to fully take advantage of social media’s power. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a large or small business—you should be utilizing social media. Your customers are online, and social media is great way to reach out to them.

Having a successful strategy

In order to be successful on social media, your strategy needs to be fully integrated into the rest of your online marketing efforts. Clix can help you expand your social media presence by developing a strategy that will coincide with the rest of your marketing campaign.

Reasons for using social media

The reasons for using social media are endless. It provides an extremely efficient means of publishing a singular message across a variety of platforms. Each message is tailored through the platform for a specific audience and allows for a greater ease of use for both the users and the strategist.


Which social media networks are right for my business?

Before deciding which social media channels to be active on, it’s important to develop a clear plan since each social media network comes with different variables. But choosing a social network doesn’t have to be difficult; it simply requires you to know your audience. Remember, if your customers are using it, you should too!

Improve your business with social media marketing.  Benefits include…