Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Presence

By September 14, 2012 February 10th, 2015 Mobile

What is the size of the mobile market?  How fast is mobile internet usage growing?  Should I be incorporating mobile in my overall marketing strategy?  These are questions that many business owners are asking themselves, and most don’t have an answer.

According to Mobile Marketer, mobile internet usage will surpass desktop internet usage by 2013.  Is this surprising?  Not to me it isn’t.  More than 50% of the U.S. population own smartphones, and that number is expected to magnify in the next couple years.

You can’t bring your PC or laptop with you wherever you go.  You can, however, bring your smartphone or tablet, and that’s what makes mobile such a conducive marketing tool.  With people carrying their internet-quipped devices with them everywhere, it gives them access to your products/services twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  Portability plays a huge role in the success of mobile marketing.

If you haven’t already thought about utilizing mobile technology to enhance and grow your business, then I suggest you do so now.  I’ve put together a presentation to further your insight on how important mobile is for your business.

Source: Hubspot

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