5 Great Ways to Gain New Followers on Social Media

By May 10, 2013 Inbound Marketing, Social Media

It is known that Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites provide value to businesses. These social media sites allow businesses to enhance their branding by presenting a positive image, promotions, and upcoming events to their followers. This year, 2013, Facebook has reached over one billion users worldwide, while Twitter has reached over 500 million users worldwide! All of this traffic permits great opportunity for expanding awareness of your company, which in turn can lead to new customers. The more you promote yourself in social media the better. Here are some great ways to promote your business on social media:

1. Display social media icons as often as you can. Worthy places would be your business card, your website, and running advertisements. Promoting other social media profiles you have on your current social media would be a great idea too. For example, on Facebook you could create a status saying something like, “Follow us on Twitter @(your twitter name) to get our latest updates and fun facts!”

2. Ask your current customers if they use social media. Current customers do not always immediately think to follow a business on social media. Tell them about your social media page(s) and describe how the page(s) could be useful to them. Let them know you are worthy to follow. Educate them about events, promotions, or fun facts you post that they will be interested in.

3. Make sure your social media pages have value for your followers! This is the most important. Don’t just create a social media page and let it sit there. People want fresh and interesting information. Ideas for new postings could consist of awards the business achieved, donations the business makes, upcoming event information, discounts, promotions, a job well done to a staff member, pictures (before and after, staff, new products, and more), share an interesting blog you wrote, share newsworthy information.

4. Have contests. Contests on social media are a great way to create awareness. Everyone loves free products and services. Your followers will share your contest, then their followers will see it and share, and so on. For an example, a business could post something on Facebook like, “Share this photo and you will have a chance to win a free (product or service).” This is a great way to create new awareness of your company.

5. Post useful information on your business affiliate’s and customer’s social media pages. It does not have to be one sided. Current followers do not have to only post on your page or see what you are updating on your profile. If you take action and post useful information on your current followers page(s), then their friends will see what you posted on their page, which in turn will create more awareness of your company.

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