When Your Voice Is Only A Whisper

By June 18, 2014 Social Media

In light of the recent social media crackdown in Iraq, what are the citizens left to do? The answer comes in the form of a little known single purpose app called Whisper. This use of the app has not been shut down by the government and has been used extensively used to relay the escalating situation.

Whisper offers Iraqis the anonymity that is needed to share their thoughts and feelings without recourse. The use of Whisper fills the void that the social media shut down has created.  In the words of the medieval poet John Donne, “No man is an an island” and by using Whisper, the sense of community that social media affords is cultivated once again.

The real value of Whisper and social media for that matter is that it satisfies the basic human desire to want to belong. This overarching theme of community and association is one that marketers must understand.  By creating a culture of inclusion where everybody has a voice it fosters interactivity and a free flow of information which in turn develops a deeper emotional response between the consumer and the brand or product. Through this heightened emotional connection the marketing message will be more easily accepted.


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