Simplify Analytics Tracking: Using Container Tags

By February 18, 2015 February 24th, 2015 News, Pay Per Click

A container tag is a wonderful thing. If you’ve ever been tasked with placing or managing more than one tracking tag (pixel) on a site, or have had to wait days/weeks/months for an IT manager to place a tag for you, then you’ll quickly see how container tags make your life easier.

Nowadays, there are so many aspects of your website and traffic to analyze in order to make educated decisions for your business. This typically requires use of many different applications that each require their own tag to be place on the site in order to start collecting data. These ongoing needs for placing, updating and removing tags is where container tags become such a useful and easy tool to make your life of managing tags easier.

What Are They? Container tags are a great solution more managing multiple tags on your website. Rather then placing several individual tags within the code of your website, you place a single container tag which then houses the multiple individual tags. You then manage the individual tags within the container tag’s interface. For example, one of the simplest (and free) container tags out there is Google Tag Manager.

Why Use Them? In short, efficiency. The container tag reduces clutter, redundant tags, and can speed up the tagging process.

  • Making Tag Management Simple
    • Easier for you to add, remove or update individual tags on your website via the container tag interface
    • Keeps your website code clean. You install one container tag in the code of your website rather then several individual tags
  • Speeds Up The Tag Implementation Process
    • If tag placement is done by a third party, you can have the site manager place the single container tag on the site. Then at will, you can add, remove and adjust the individual tags via the container tag interface, giving YOU more control and reducing turnaround times for tag placement.

Container tags help make your digital marketing life easier. If you are looking for a good place to get started, check out Google Tag Manager, which is an extremely easy and free container tag option. GTM integrates with many third-party platforms, which makes tag integration and setup that much simpler.


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