Twitter Launches Twitter Moments

By November 6, 2015 March 3rd, 2016 Social Media

To illustrate the power of discovery met with a delightful user experience, Twitter attempts to captivate even those who did not find a use for the platform before with the addition of Twitter Moments.

Launched on October 6th, Moments came to life from a prior idea under the name “Lightning.” Through the lightning symbol under the “Moments” tab, the origin of the idea plays out. The expansion of Twitter Moments serves as a way to provide news, sports, entertainment, and fun in a space that is less evasive and personal compared to the traditional structure of Twitter.

Twitter Moments Example

So what goes into Twitter Moments? According to Mashable, Twitter hashtags play a role. However, timely content that is relevant to users appears as the central focus for the company. Nevertheless, the factors that contribute to what you view in the Moments feed will surely alter and change somewhat in order to continually provide an enhanced user experience.

In a visual format unlike the standard Twitter feed, users trying out Moments see pleasant graphics to draw them into single featured stories. Apart from user experience, the grid layout executed in Twitter Moments illustrates the importance the company placed on design. Although the layout of Twitter Moments is different, actions such as the typical retweet and favorite tool, among others, still exist in order to create a sense of brand consistency.

Twitter Moments Retweet

The mobile interface for Twitter Moments offers snackable content in its ability to allow users to go full-screen with a story and simply swipe to go to the next tweet within a given Twitter Moment.

Twitter Moments Mobile

Once you swipe through all the tweets, Twitter will inform you that you are  “caught up” and allow you to either share the content or move forward to the next item of news within Twitter Moments.

Twitter Moments Caught Up

Worried about not being able to see past Moments? No worries – Moments do not expire, thus giving users the ability to explore past ones easily.  Moreover, the Moments feature allows users to temporarily follow a live event, such as The Super Bowl. When the event is over, you do not receive updates in your feed. The aspect of non-commitment related follows allows the platform to become an even greater source of real-time entertainment and news without overwhelming the user.

Overall, if you are already sold on Twitter or still need some convincing, Twitter Moments offer a visually pleasing way to get information in a clean, easy to use format.