Top 5 Marketing Moments for Steve Jobs

By October 11, 2011 February 10th, 2015 Inbound Marketing

Steve Jobs has been named a marketing genius in the world of advertising. He perfected the way to market a product and set the bar high for other companies. He was able to produce superior products, with a high status, at a premium price. He made Apple one of the most talked about companies in the world. Over the past 3 decades, he has created countless outstanding marketing moments. Below are some of the top moments of all time.

1. The Apple Macintosh Demo introduced a personal computer that changed the entire computing world. But Steve Jobs didn’t just introduce the product, he showed the capabilities new Macintosh had. He blew the crowd away by having the computer talk to the audience. This demonstration created buzz and in turn produced the first commercially successful personal computer. At the time, IBM was Macintosh’s biggest competition. Jobs pointed out all of the additional megahertz, instructions, musical voices and  synthesizers the new Macintosh would support as well as weigh three times less than an IBM box. This marketing demonstration blew their competition out of the water, and all anyone else wanted to talk about was Macintosh. 

2. In 1984, the Macintosh Commercial during the Superbowl left everyone wanting more. The unique spin that Apple had for this advertisement was not revealing the product. This 60-second ad introduced the Macintosh computer to the world, symbolizing the future of the PC industry. Still today, marketers use this approach to introduce a new product. Once again, this created buzz for the Macintosh. Word of mouth has been Apple’s best marketing strategy, whether people are saying good things or bad things, they are still talking about it.

3. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates deal may have shocked many people, but it was a deal that prevented Apple from falling. Upon Jobs’ return, he came back to a nearly bankrupt company. The rivalry pairing between Apple and Microsoft was unexpected, but an extremely smart move. Having two of the most influential men in the world pair up helped with Apples rebirth.

4.Launching the iPod and iTunes changed the world of music. Sure, there were mp3 players out there, but with the introduction of the iPod it became the mp3 player. The iPod itself took awhile to become successful, but in 2003 when iTunes was launched it quickly became the number one music retailer. The iPod probably wasn’t the best mp3 player out there, but the fact that it was paired with iTunes made it a success. Since the iPod was first launched, there has been generation after generation created, each time getting better and better.

5. The iPhone reinvented the cell phone. People lined up outside the Apple stores over night to get this new form of technology. Within the first 30 hours, Apple sold 270,000 iPhones. Not only did the iPhone change the cell phone, it changed Apple as a company. 

Steve Jobs will be missed, but his legacy will remain forever. He made a difference in modern-day marketing and with his help, Apple revolutionized the world’s relationship with technology.

What are your favorite marketing moments from Apple?

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