3 Reasons Why Tim Tebow is Great For Social Media

By January 10, 2012 Social Media

If by any chance you live under a rock, this past Sunday night, the Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, threw an 80-yard pass for a touchdown in overtime, in his first playoff game ever against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Broncos were the underdog, and so was Tim Tebow. Just after that happened, there were 9,420 tweets PER SECOND about it! Which placed it second on twitters most-tweets-per-second list, and first on their sports related tweets list.

What is it about Tim Tebow that has everyone so fascinated? Well for one, he seems like genuinely nice guy. Second, people are fascinated with his religious beliefs, because hes so outspoken about it (not in a bad way) and it seems to be working for him! Not to mention this season he’s had numerous come from behind wins, in the 4th quarter (this case overtime) to win the game for his team. And every single time, the first thing he says on the field to reporters or at press conferences, “I’d like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Tim Tebow, is a good player (obviously, other wise he wouldn’t be in the NFL) but he is by no means experienced as or as good as the other great quarterbacks in the league, such as Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and the quarterback he beat on Sunday, Ben Roethlisburger. But Tim Tebow always (most of the time) finds a way to win, and he is making believers out of many people. People are beginning to believe in him and his religious beliefs. We’re all rooting for this guy, and many of us are not exactly sure why.

Here are 3 reasons social media needs more Tebow:

1. He sets records, and not just on the field. Facebook and Twitter were positively abuzz with Tebow status’ and tweets, and people are still talking about him 2 days later, and will continue to talk about him and this game until this weekends game. Twitter was only in the news yesterday because of the record number of tweets per second. No Tim Tebow overtime touchdown, no twitter in the news, plain and simple. And, when you Google Tim Tebow, his Twitter account is the 3rd result that comes up, after his own website and his wikipedia page. Thats pretty awesome for Twitter.

2. He is great for TV ratings and social media platforms. When you have 25 million people tuning in for a first round playoff game, mostly because of this one guy, you can guarantee there is going to be chatter on all of the social media sites throughout the entire game, as we saw. Social Media sites love when there is someone like Tim Tebow for the world to talk about, because we all have platforms to talk about him on, as much as we want. Which in turn generates more users and news for these sites.

3. Businesses need to jump on the Tebow train, whether or not they want to. If your business writes a Facebook status about Tim Tebow, especially after such a great game like that, I guarantee you’ll get likes and comments out of it, which increases engagement, which then increases the amount of people who will see your Facbeook page and posts.  You might as well use Tebow and his heroics for your benefit, while they last. It’s not a secret to have status’ and tweets about current events, but having them soon after a game like this ends, will exponentially increase your engagement. So stay on top of things!

My advice is to stay near your phones or computers after Saturday night’s game, who knows what kind of records will be broken if Tebow can do it again, and this time against one of the best in the game. I’m a Tebow believer, are you??

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