Three easy ways to optimize your Google+ business page

By November 23, 2011 Local, Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing Google Plus pages is an essential element of any SEO strategy. Google is the search giant, and it can be assumed that Google Plus will affect search rankings.

The lines between search engine marketing and social media marketing are becoming increasingly blurred. Last week Google started tests on integrating Google+ posts into search results. Though Google has been somewhat quiet on the matter, it is clear that some sort of social/search integration is in the near future.

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So what steps can a brand take to optimize Google+ pages? Even if you know nothing about SEO, you can still use Google+ to optimize your online presence by following these easy steps.

1. SEO Basics for Google Plus

If you are familiar with SEO, you likely know that enriching title tags, meta descriptions, and images with search terms is essential. Similarly, to optimize your Google+ page, it is essential that you include key search terms in the page title, headline, and images.

  • Page title = SEO headline
  • Headline = meta description

2. Link Building

Linking is one of the easiest Google+ SEO opportunities to overlook. From what I can tell, all Google+ links are do follow. This means that every link can affect SEO.

The introduction is a great place to include links. Enrich your introduction with search terms that link back to your website or blogs.

Google also integrated a specific section just for links. Each Google Plus page includes a side bar for links. Use this area to link back to your website, blogs, and social media profiles.

3. Optimize posts

Google+ optimization doesn’t end once your profile is established. In addition to ranking for your Google+ page, you can also rank individual posts. In order allow Google to index individual posts, make sure you make your posts public.

While using key words might help your posts get ranked, the most important factor will likely be engagement. Increase engagement by posting relevant content and encouraging interaction from your fans.

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