Why You Should Stop Caring About Rankings

By August 23, 2017 September 1st, 2017 Search Engine Optimization

Your digital visibility matters to you (or it should if it doesn’t yet). What your customers see when they search you online can actually directly affect your bottom line. What prospective customers find when they look for you or businesses like you influences their purchasing decisions. So how much, really, do your rankings matter?

In reality, rankings should matter, but you should stop caring about them.

Why Your Rankings Should Matter Less

It can be a lot to wrap your brain around if you’ve looked for companies that specialize in digital marketing, such as we do, to hear that your ranking on search is something you should not care about. Maybe you’re new to digital marketing and have heard about the importance of rankings. Maybe you’ve worked with many companies similar to Clix and have been told many times about how much your rankings matter. I’m hear to tell you…stop caring about your rankings.

Here are some reasons why:

You can’t put a click in the bank – This is one of Jason’s, our CEO’s, favorite phrases, and it’s true. A click to your site does not make you money. A conversion from that click is what matters. Factors such as site usability, the content you have, how engaging your videos are, and what kind of message your website tells people lead to the customers that convert. Customers who call or fill out your form are of more value and importance compared to how your company ranks for a particular keyword.

Rankings are just a piece – The metrics you measure for business success should include rankings, but they are not the end all, be all of business. In truth, your rankings only tell part of the story of what goes on in your business. When you work with a digital marketing company, your digital visibility goes beyond only the rank of your website. Depending on your project, it might include improving website design; creating a series of videos to tell your story or share relevant information; giving you data about the quality of your calls so you can make informed decisions about your customer service; and analyzing trends in your industry, among a myriad of other services.

Think themes, not keywords – While digital marketing often means focusing on a list of keywords and where your site stacks against competitors, looking at how you appear within themes is a huge part of giving your site the broadest digital footprint possible. We often talk about the “halo effect” with your keyword themes, and the most successful campaigns focus on more than just a preset list of terms. Rather, showing up for a full range of topics related to your industry is the ideal circumstance, and our efforts go towards making that a reality.

Picture growth – You know your business is successful when you have to stretch into new territory. Part of the measure of that might mean hiring new people to manage your processes, trying new things to better position your business for success, and receiving more revenue than ever before. When digital marketing works well as a sole marketing campaign or in conjunction with your other efforts, growth is the ultimate outcome.

If you like the idea of growing your business, seeing success within your industry through visibility around many topics, and focusing on metrics other than rankings, we can help! Contact Clix to see how we can be your partner for success!