The Effects of Social Media on the Super Bowl

By February 8, 2012 Social Media

Not only was Sunday night’s big game the most watched TV show in US history (111.3 million viewers), but it was also broke a twitter record for the most tweets per second. At the end of the game, where the Giant’s won a nail bitter 21-17, there were 12, 233 tweets per second referencing the super bowl. Last year, when the Packers won, there were only 4,000 TPS – what a huge difference a year makes! The tweets per second this year is now number 2 in the records for the most tweeted about event, behind only the Japanese anime movie Castle in the Sky, which had an astounding 25,000 TPS. Its incredible how much people tweet, and update their Facebook status’ about certain big events. I grew up in New York, and I had to stay away from my Facebook page all of Sunday night and well into Monday because the majority of my page was filled with all things Giants. I am a Giant’s fan, but not to the point where its all I want to read about – its just a game people!

But it wasn’t just the game people were tweeting about. The commercials, Madonna’s half time show, MIA flipping the bird to 100 million people. If it happened any time during those 5 or 6 hours, it was tweeted about or had a Facebook status about it. Its really incredible to see just how much social media now plays a part in everyones day to day life, minute to minute life for that matter! We recorded the game and were watching about 10 minutes behind the live feed, and I couldn’t even check my phone if I wanted to be surprised about what was going on in the game. Social Media has taken over our lives. I’m not complaining about it, I’m just as guilty as everyone else, but its really amazing to see how much all of these social media platforms are used.

The Super Bowls first social media command center was a huge success, according to the man who managed the hub. This command center was set up to monitor all of the social media sites conversation about the super bowl, and add their comments, tweets etc when they felt it was needed. This is the first time something of this magnitude has been set up for just social media. ITs a great idea, and should definitely be used for all other major events, like the upcoming Olympics in London this summer. TO have a center where everyone can monitor the conversations surrounding that big event, and respond when necessary, is a great feature.


Check out this inforgraphic from Exact Target that shows the social media break downs during the super bowl, pretty fascinating stuff!

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