Social Media is About the Perception of Your Business

By July 3, 2017 Social Media

Do I even need to post anything on Social Media? No One Cares…

As a social media marketing manager, I hear this question a lot when talking with clients. “If I post about us clearing up tree stumps or hauling away leaves… who cares?” For the most part, I would have to agree. I mean, would I care or want to follow a Facebook page or Twitter feed with that type of content? Probably not, but here’s why it’s important to post relevant content: it’s about perception in the end!

Let’s face it – we probably don’t follow our local sewer repair company because… well, it’s not glamorous or something you want to see “flooding” your newsfeed. However, as a consumer (and a digital one at that), whenever I find myself in a pickle or need a service, I go directly to the prospective service provider’s website and social media platforms.

Why? Because these outlets indicate to me how up-to-date the business is and how current their approach is to what’s happening in and outside their industry.

I am sure we have all visited a businesses website or social media to find that nothing has been updated since 2014 or a post on Facebook has been posted in 15 months. To us as digital consumers, this tends to leave a sour taste in our mouths. I mean… what’s the validity of this company in an age where digital content is king? No updates, no current content… next company, please.

It’s about perception, and this is how I explain it to businesses that are not as sexy or “followable” as a dog/cat kennel or other businesses that often have more engaging content. Every business needs to stay current on all social media platforms. It builds trust, validity, and eases the mind knowing that someone is taking time to make sure there business is current and up-to-date. When a company takes time to post relevant content, this translate to us, the consumer, that they take pride in their company and want to be in the best possible position to snag a lead(s).

In addition to up-to-date content, it’s possible that customers will be looking for someone to answer their questions quickly. They may send a message to your Facebook page about your services or availability. If you don’t have someone regularly monitoring these messages, potential business might be lost to a competitor with stronger customer service relating to their social media presence. Not only should you post regularly, but checking and responding to messages regularly is imperative in the digital age.  

So, yeah, posting daily as a “foot fungus expert” may seem useless, but as far as perception goes, it’s priceless.

In an age where everything is judged on the surface, it’s crucial to have a healthy digital presence. So post away – you never know when someone will drop in to validate your businesses.

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