Skype Launches Social Media Campaign

By November 15, 2011 News, Social Media

Today Skype launched their first social media campaign in efforts to promote Skype Group Video Calling, which was launched back in January. The Group Video Calling allows people to “share, celebrate and collaborate from anywhere in the world.” Up to ten people can participate in the Group Video Calling. You must have Skype 5.0 or higher to use Group Video Calling, and at least one person in the group chat has to have Skype Premium. People on Skype Mobile can join the call via voice as well as share links or text messages while on the call.

Now let’s talk about this new social media campaign. In the past year, Skype’s fan base on Facebook has grown from one million to five million. But they want to take it a step further. Most people who have Facebook check daily to see whose birthday it is to send them a quick “Happy Birthday!” post. For those who may mean something a little more, Skype allows you to post a birthday song from a famous band or sing along yourself. Bands you can choose from to sing the happy birthday tune include Imogen Heap, The Parlotones, Bowling For Soup, Charlie Simpson, Scarlet Grey, Body Language, Kill The Young, CSS, and Ash. The messages can be customized and aren’t only limited to Facebook. The song can be sent anywhere from Twitter to email with the unique URL.

So you may be asking, how to I get started? Well, it’s simple. Just get the Skype app on Facebook and start warming up your vocal chords. It’s that easy. You just choose the person you want to send your birthday message to, choose the band, then choose whether you want to sing along or not. The recipient gets one free week of the service as well as the option to record themselves in an additional Group Chat.

This campaign is a great way to get people to learn about Group Video Calling on Skype. It gives them a chance to use the service for free and gives people a fun, creative way to wish someone happy birthday on Facebook, or whichever outlet they choose.

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