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Digital Marketing Rants: SEO Rant (Part 1)

Why isn’t my company or my domain ranking in the first position on Google after 4 months of Inbound Marketing services?


Jason: The number one position on Google should be difficult to get. It IS difficult to get. It should be expensive. It should cost a good amount of money to do all of the things necessary to actually put your company, your domain, at the number one position.

I don’t event know. I could go on and on, I really could.

The number one position is the most sought-after spot in marketing. Between a radio spot, a billboard, an ad in a magazine… Some of those, in unique circumstances might be better than the number one position on Google, but the strong majority of the time, being first in Google for your product or service, or particular keyword phrases that you know people would be looking for, that first position on Google is what everyone is gunning for.

If I asked 100 people, 95 of those people would most likely tell me that they would take the number one position on Google over a billboard on a busy highway. That’s the difference between directional advertising and creative advertising.

The number one position on Google for the keyword phrases that people would be looking for, and find you over all of your competitors, would be incredibly difficult.

All of your competitors want the same thing. The small competitor, the one that’s a one-man-shop compared to the company that’s 40, 50 or 60 employees – whatever it might be, everyone is gunning for the number one position on Google for the same keywords that you want to be found for. 

What frustrates me the most, is when I see a company who invests for 3, 4, maybe even 5 months, and they’re investing, let’s just use an arbitrary number of $2,000 per month. So, if they invest $2,000 per month, and after 4 months, sure they’ve invested $8,000, but they think that after that point they should be first on Google. And if they’re not first on Google they think it’s a failure.

If I were to give a stockbroker $2,000 a month, and after 3 or 4 months wonder how come I don’t have $250,000, I would be failing. I would be entering into the investing arena with false expectations that it’s THAT easy. If it was that easy, everyone would do it.

If it were that easy, every single one of your competitors would do it and spend $200, $300, $400 bucks and that would be it. They’d be first on Google for any of the best and hardest keywords. But, that’s unrealistic and you know that’s not the case. 

You know, that if you want to make money, if you want to invest in the stock market, you know that’s a long-term play. And long-term is not 6 months or even 12 months. You put it in there and it’s like a set and forget in terms of investing. You put it in there and you watch the market on a daily basis, it’s going to drive you nuts.

Whatever the timeframe that your investing, it’s a long-term play. You don’t invest in the stock market and think that it only goes up. It fluctuates. It goes down, it goes up, it crashes… There’s incredible peaks and valleys and you have to just know that you’re going to ride it out. That over time, you will get a return. And it’s not different than your inbound marketing.

When you start with nothing and you invest your money, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months is incredible unrealistic to think that it’s THAT easy to be the number one position on Google.

To think that after 6 months you’re going to be first on Google, the phones are going to ring and the doors are going to swing, you need to staff up when you decide to start investing in inbound marketing; it’s a silly thing.

Sure, it can change your business and have a powerful impact, but not right away. Especially if you’re trying to go after incredibly challenging and competitive keyword phrases.

It’s very easy to compare investing in Internet marketing and online marketing to the stock market because you are using real dollars. It should be expensive. If a digital agency, like ours, tells you that it’s $2,000 a month for us to do all of the things that we feel are necessary to get you to be number one on Google at some point in time and you compare that to somebody else who tells you that they can do that for $500, it is apples and onions. It is not apples to apples.

You’re not getting the same thing that we would be doing as an example, at that higher level to someone that you found on Craigslist or a guy/girl in the basement of their house that isn’t a full-blown digital agency.

You have GOT to look at your Internet marketing, your website marketing as a long-term play. It is a race that is never won. There is no finish line. You just keep investing until you get were you need to be and when you get there you keep investing so that you stay there.

You cannot expect to be first on the biggest platform in 3 months, in 4 months.

If you do get there for some reason, and you get there quickly, odds are, that’s like using steroids in baseball, odds are that you did something you weren’t suppose to do, the agency or the person that you hired did things that are a short-term gain but long-term loss. Your domain will be burnt, whatever it might be so, it’s a slow process.

Google wants to delivery the BEST results and that takes time to prove to them that you’re the best. That you’re the leader. That you’re the authority. That takes time. It doesn’t matter how much you pay. If you pay $2,000 a month or $6,000 a month, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get there 3 times faster.

If someone tells you in 4 months, 5 months, 6 months, you’ll be first… run for the hills. They’re lying. They don’t know that.

Either way, just realize that this is real dollars, that this is a very difficult market place , a very difficult arena to prove yourself in and the rules are always changing. So, do not go into Internet marketing, to inbound marketing, to online marketing, call it whatever you want to call it, with false expectations that after 4 months or 5 months, if you don’t see yourself at the top of these search engines or in the number one spot on Google, that you’re going to give up. That is the worst thing you could do, save your money, don’t even go into the game.