Relationships and SEO

By February 24, 2012 December 12th, 2014 Inbound Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

Regardless of what Puxatony Phil predicted, spring is on its way! It’s time for baseball, graduations, new life, and, most importantly, new relationships. The more time I spend at The Clix Group, the more I have begun to evaluate my relationship with SEO and copywriting. As a St. Louis SEO company, The Clix Group has taught me that relationships with keywords are similar to the interpersonal relationships of daily life.


While there isn’t a tell-all relationship guide to follow, the basic rules are the same as those for SEO.


  • Take Your Time: Like any healthy relationship, good things come to those who wait. As important as it is to make your keywords and intentions known, it is far more important to take the time to create a quality introduction. Just like the guy who professes his love on the first date or the woman who immediately confesses her desire for kids and a wedding, bombarding readers with keywords straight out of the gate is a turn off, and unlike our friends who have the rest of a date to make an impression, in the world of SEO you only get one impression to secure interest.


  • Quality Over Quantity: I’m sure there are couples out there who spend every waking moment together to feel secure about their relationships. This isn’t the case with SEO. It’s important to balance your use of keywords with the rest of the content. By overloading you can actually do more harm than good. A healthy relationship is built on space.


  • Consistency Of Keywords: We’ve all had that friend that spends his or her time chasing anything and everything that moves. He or she is indecisive and just wants to try a little of everything. Unlike our eternally lonely friend, SEO thrives when focused on a specific, targeted set of keywords. Trying to include too many keywords at once will dilute the quality of each and, as a result, fail to produce long-term results. When copywriting for SEO, try to treat your keywords with the respect that you would any relationship and stay on target.



Now that you know the basics, let me drop the real knowledge. The most important thing you should know in your relationships and SEO is… yourself. Just like relationships, your SEO strategies are doomed to fail if you don’t know what you want. Be sure you understand your personal goals. While an SEO company may have suggestions and plans, you must remember that, at the end of the day, it’s your business and what you want matters.

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