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Reasons Your PPC Ad May Not Appear and Using Ad Preview Tools

By December 23, 2014 Pay Per Click

A common issue PPC professionals address is explaining why your PPC ad may not appear for every search. Here is a quick overview on why PPC ads may not appear and best practices to view your ad.

Why PPC Ads May Not Appear:

There are several reasons why your PPC ad may not appear when you conduct a search. Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Engines pace the budget throughout the day and may not show the PPC ad for every search.
  • Campaign may have hit budget cap for the day.
  • Geo-targeting settings may be applied. Example: You are located in Missouri and campaign is geo-targeted to Texas.
  • Day-parting settings may be applied. (ad may be set to only serve during select days and hours)
  • Repeat searching – if you repeatedly conduct searches without clicking, the engine may stop displaying certain results since it optimizes to display relevant results that you’ll click on.

Ways To Preview Your PPC Ad:

As a best practice, utilize an ad preview tool in order to view your ad and avoid any potential affects to the performance of your ad. These preview tools allow you to select locations and devices when previewing, in order to adjust for any settings applied to your PPC campaign:


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