Quality Over Quantity

By April 13, 2012 Inbound Marketing

Ok, we get it. Google is hellbent on trimming the fat from their ever-changing search engine. However, is Google’s recent prerogative more or less an extermination?
Major blog networks like Build My Rank, SEO Link Monster, SEO Nitro and more have become deindexed from Google and many search engine optimization firms that have built their strategy around these networks are suffering (or are going to suffer).

There’s no secret to the fact that external backlinking is a major component of any sound SEO strategy. But, is there something to be said about quality over quantity? Sure, a backlink from a site like Squidoo is going to be worth more than a backlink from aaabookmarks.com. However, at what point does Google completely shut off valuing backlinks from any old site due to continual abuse?

Certainly, the card Google has played this round is a sign of things to come – the future of SEO and rankings; what can we expect? Many SEO’s believe that search engine rankings in the future will be heavily dependent upon on-page factors such as web design, content and other structural elements. Backlinking will still play a role, but natural is the way to go. This means that many SEO firms will have to adjust once again. St. Louis SEO Companies like Clix continually adapt in order to not only survive, but also lead those through the fickle online marketing landscape.

Below is a brief list of things to anticipate and look for moving forward in your SEO campaign:

  • Continual and unrelenting deindexation of blogging, article and social bookmarking networks that have violated Google’s terms and conditions.
  • An over-optimization penalty that connects the SEO dots. If your site has too many exact-match anchors at various other sites then you are at risk of being affected by this particular penalty.
  • An emphasis being placed on more on-page factors such as proper title tags, h1 headers, appropriate bolding, microdata (schema and open graph), and more.
  • Social will play a larger role in the greater scheme of things. Since Google is promoting the heck out of Google Plus, what better way to force the issue than to continue to integrate the social network into rankings?
  • Competition leaving and entering the arena. We all know that Yahoo is struggling right now to stay afloat within the search engine market. However, which sites are bound to enter the search engine fray sooner or later? Facebook? Anyone?
  • Online marketing will continue to play a large role in business. This is not going to stop anytime soon and projections show that this will only continue to grow. Be prepared and look for openings in the market.

All-in-all, Google’s deindexing of various blog networks is actually good news. Competitors who have practiced automated network syndication via spun content are going to have to go back to doing things the hard way… the right way.

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