Putting the Nerd into Valentine’s Day

By February 7, 2012 May 29th, 2015 Inbound Marketing, Mobile

The dreaded by many and adored by few holiday, is almost here.  You know the holiday full of pink and red fluffy things, oh and pretty smelling things.  The one where if you’re single then you say you hate it and find something way cooler to do than celebrate this dreadful holiday.  It’s also the holiday that thousands of couples are going out to dinner, simply because it’s the thing to do.  Standing in line at restaurants for hours, sitting at tables so close together that at any point I am waiting for a bell so I can start my speed dating.  It’s Valentine’s Day of course.  How could a holiday meant for lovers to express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards become such a mess?

One company is trying to put the sweet and cute back into Valentine’s Day.  Starbucks recently released some nice heart-adorned cups.  But, there is something hidden in these hearts, they are part of a mobile augmented reality program.  If you have the app downloaded for iPhone or Android, and put the cup into your phone’s display, the hearts will come to life.  Heart-shaped flower petals will start flying off the cup.  What makes it sweet and cute, is that you can send a scene to your loved one via email or Facebook.

This is an excellent mobile marketing strategy by Starbucks, this will lead to sales, just so customers can send cute videos to each other, plus the nerd in some of us might get excited about Valentine’s Day, if we get to play with an augmented reality program.  Come on that is just COOL!  Not to mention the ability to share the scene on Facebook, which will lead to more people wanting to play with the cool cups.  Starbucks! Way to bring the sweet and cute back to Valentine’s Day, and thanks for finally introducing the NERD!

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