PPC Optimizations: Using Google AdWords Dimensions

By March 5, 2015 Pay Per Click

In the world of PPC, data is your friend. It is in the best interest of your PPC campaign to use the tools and information on hand to really maximize the effectiveness of your campaign and make your media dollars show a return on investment. Search engines know this and provide more and more ways for you to review and gain insight from historical data.

The Dimensions tab, which is available in Google AdWords, is a great resource to help you gain insight from your historical performance and optimize your campaign.

What Is It?

Dimensions is a tab located within your Google AdWords account. You can access the tab at the account, campaign or ad group level and view data for that particular tier. The feature allows you to view and filter your historical data based on different points of information, such as the location that drove your clicks and conversions or the time of day that gets a lot of impressions but no clicks.


How Should I Use It?

Dimensions allows you to filter through and dissect your data, to find actionable insights to optimize your campaign off of. If certain geographic locations in your targeted area are performing better (down to the zip code) or certain days of the week are driving more conversions, adjust your bids during those peak performing times to maximize your exposure. In the reverse, reduce your bids for poorer performing times or locations, to improve your KPI performance.

You can also use this information to identify areas to expand on or concentrate focus on. For example, if Florida is driving the majority of conversions, separate the state into its own geo-targeted campaign to support with more budget or tailor your ad copy to be specific to the location.

Here are some top recommended views for your Dimensions data:

  • Geographic
    • Identify locations driving the majority of conversions or areas using a lot of the budget but not driving conversions. You can bid adjust locations +/- via Settings -> Locations tab.
  • Time: Day of Week
    • Identify days of the week driving the majority of conversions or days not driving conversions. You can bid adjust days +/- via Settings ->Ad Schedule tab.

Keep In Mind

If you are working with a limited budget and want to increase bids for a particular location or day of week, try to decrease the same % from a poorer performing location or day. This should help to still work within the same budget and just get more bang for your buck.


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