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Do You Own or Lease Your Website?

The Dangers of Leasing vs. Owning Your Website

A question we often have to address here at Clix relates to if a client owns his or her website. No matter the industry, identifying website ownership, the significance of it, and where Clix comes into play are important factors.

Not sure if you own your domain? WHOIS allows for you to search your company’s website and look for elements that would be indicative that you own your website. Although true ownership circumstances can vary, whether you’re listed on the contact information and whether you have access to the domain’s registrar account are typical indicators. Overall, by understanding your website ownership, Clix can get a better picture of priority items when crafting your custom digital marketing campaign.

Your website domain is a significant asset to your company as a whole. Oftentimes a client may work with a company who builds and manages websites for a specific industry – for example, a chiropractor or law firm. Although the company “specializes” in one field, it does not mean you are getting top-of-the-line service and custom content specific to your business.

Although you may think that your site is rich in content and informational for users, be careful. At times, a company may use duplicate content across the board for those businesses in the same industry. Therefore, what you believe to be a solid section of content on your site, could also appear on a competitor’s site, or elsewhere on the Internet. Thus, you are not providing visitors a unique, rich experience that accurately depicts your brand.

Importance of Owning your Website

At first, you may think duplicate content is not a significant issue. However, your site can end up not ranking as well if the same copy appears in multiple areas. We know you take pride in your reputation and products/services. Therefore, a simple name swap in the content along with the copy and paste treatment is not what you want to happen to your company.

Are you curious if you have duplicate content on your site? A simple content evaluation may shed light on the state of your online presence.

I own my domain name. Does that mean I own my content?

When the time comes for you to leave the chiropractic specific web/marketing company, you will most likely have to work from the ground up to rebuild the content on your site. Some companies leave the partnership with a marketing firm owning their domain, while others do not. Regardless of that factor, if you provider “wrote” the content for your site, you most likely you do not own the content.

As you can tell, working industry specific companies claiming to specialize in a certain area can be a slippery slope. What once seemed like a fast way to get your website up and running could quickly turn into a nightmare. Overall, owning your content and domain are important factors related to your website.

Why should I partner with Clix?

At Clix, we want to be your digital marketing partner through the entire process. If you do not currently own your domain, we can work with you and your provider(s). From there, our team of strategists will create a custom plan that is tailored to the individual needs of your business.

One area we typically begin to address and plan out at the beginning is duplicate content. Our team will work to create not only user-friendly content, but also develop information that is applicable and relevant to users. Supplying your audience with unique content that they are looking for will help contribute to their overall view of your business and experience on your site. We constantly evaluate website performance in a variety of areas to help you ultimately reach your goals.

For more information on how to improve your website with Clix, contact us today to help us better understand your needs and goals as a business.