Marketing Your Business Through Snapchat

By July 28, 2014 January 19th, 2020 Social Media

While Snapchat is great for sending quick photos and videos to your friends, it can also be a great asset for your business. If your target demographic is 13-30 years old, Snapchat might be able to help you market your product to the clientele that you want to see it most. This popular mobile application is said to have over 100 million messages sent each day. But what is the appeal for businesses?

There is less pressure on Snapchat from a marketing standpoint than other social media platforms. Facebook, Google + and Twitter posts are more permanent than a 1-10 second Snapchat image or video. If your company’s demographic falls into the realm of Snapchat’s, you should be using it.

Here are a few recognizable brands who are already on the Snapchat wagon:

  • Acura {Username: Acura_Insider}
  • Taco Bell {Username: tacobell}
  • Rebecca Minkoff {Username: rebeccaminkoff}
  • New Orleans Saints {Username: Saints}

Now it’s your turn.  It’s easy to spread the word to your existing followers. Make an announcement about your business joining Snapchat and tell your current followers to add you. That is the quickest way to gain a following on your account right away.

Make your snaps fun.  Let your photos and videos tell something about your brand. Take your business message to the next level. You’re already utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Why not add this one too? Use Snapchat to show behind-the-scene pictures, share exclusive offers or discounts, show sneak previews of upcoming products or even showcase special events.

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