Keeping Private Photos Private

By October 30, 2014 January 19th, 2020 Social Media, Suggestions

With all of the recent photo hacking going on, we thought we’d share a few beneficial tips on how to hide those “for your eyes only” photos on your iPhone.

It’s pretty obvious that the first tip would be to delete the photos right away, but if you plan on keeping them for a while, make sure your phone has a secure password set. Remember to make sure it is a password your friends can’t easily guess (e.g., “1234” or your birthday). Most of us definitely want to keep those photos as private as possible, so please, people—use a password!

Next, download a password-protected photo gallery mobile application. These private photo vaults allow you to import the photos you’ve taken on your phone into private albums and hide them. The only way to access those photos once they are imported is with a pin number YOU choose when creating the album. No one would ever know that album exists.

Here are a few FREE password-protected mobile applications:

  • – Private Photo Vault
  • – Secure Photo Storage w/ Dropbox
  • – Pic Lock 3 Ultimate
  • – PicSecret

Of course there are others but the applications listed above were the top rated amongst iOS users.

Did You Know?…

…The most recent iOS update (iOS 8) allows iPhone users to hide photos in a hidden album? While it isn’t the most secure way to hide your private photos, it is a great way to get them out of the general album you use on a more recent basis. But if you’re utilizing the lock screen password as recommended in tip one, you should be fine.

Adding Photos to the Hidden Album

Adding photos to the hidden album is easy. Simply press your finger down on the photo you wish to hide and select “hide” from the pop-up. Once you have opted to hide the selected photo, you can visit your albums where you will see anew album called “hidden”. (NOTE: Unlike other created albums, you cannot rename the hidden album.)

Don’t Forget About SnapChat

In recent news, a handful of SnapChat users had their account hacked and an immense amount of photos were shared throughout the web. Just because your photos “disappear” from your photo after 10 seconds doesn’t mean they are actually non-existent from the web somewhere.

Finally, the Ultimate Safeguard

If you don’t want to chance it, don’t take private photos in the first place.

No photos, no problems.

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