Instagram: A Powerful Social Marketing Tool

By October 12, 2012 Inbound Marketing, Social Media

We know how much of a positive impact the social web can have on a business, but if you’re not implementing a strategic plan then you’re probably not seeing the results.  It’s great that you’re using social media, but you must take a minute to devise a plan that’s going to get your target market’s attention and engagement.

Along with these populated social networks comes inventive social sharing apps, and many marketers are taking advantage of them.  Instagram is a great example of a social sharing app that you could be using in your social media strategy.  Instagram is a photo-sharing application that enables users to take photos, add digital effects to them, and then publish them to the social network of their choice.  Instagram curruently has 100 million users, and it’s user engagement is higher than ever.

Given that photos get the most attention and engagement throughout social networks, it’s no wonder why Instagram has become so popular.  As a business owner, how could you be using Instagram to increase user engagement and discussion?

New Belgium, a Brewing Company located in Fort Collins, CO, is currently using Instagram for one of their popular events called “Tour de Fat”, which makes stops in fifteen U.S. cities.  Here’s the New Belgium’s description of the event:

“Ready or not, the Tour de Fat will be meandering, pandering, and Ned Flandering through 15 U.S. cities this year, spreading the good word about the radness of the mighty bicycle and a simple, honest way of living.”

New Belgium is utilizing Instagram by having users tag their photos of the event using the hashtag #tourdefat to gain brand awareness and user engagement.  Here’s there Facebook page:




The New Belgium Brewing Company has gained a significant amount of Facebook Likes and user engagement ever since they began the tour.  So what do you think?  How could you be or how are you using Instagram to enhance your social media strategy and engagement?

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