Google Maps Capturing the World: How to Report a Problem Image

By September 30, 2013 May 29th, 2015 Inbound Marketing, Local

As you may know, Google has been hard at work driving around the world to get street view photos for Google Maps.  During the last few years, Google has had people going around in cars, trikes, and even snowmobiles to capture these images!

google street view car

For businesses this is great! Potential customers can easily get directions and view what the outside of the business looks like ahead of time. This makes planning directions and actually finding the place you’re looking for much easier, which is especially helpful if a business is hard to reach, difficult to see from the street, requires a quick turn, etc.

For others that may not be business owners, Street View may not be accepted so easily. When considering that perhaps every road in the world will have a picture taken of it then put right on Google Maps, some people may think, “there goes some of my privacy out of the window!” Well don’t fret too much because Google holds to a strong security and privacy policy for people by blurring faces and license plates.

If you do happen to find something that may give too much information away, then you can easily report any issues you have.  You can report anything from a picture you think contains something inappropriate to a blurry picture of your business building that you would like fixed.

To report an image, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. 1. Go to
  2. 2. Enter the address of the location you would like to view
  3. 3. Click the street view image
  4. 4. You will then be taken to a full-screen street view. (Keep in mind that the top left address is just a range of the addresses nearby, while the address in the bottom left hand side is the address you searched.)
  5. 5. Click “report a problem” in the bottom right hand corner
  6. 6. You will be directed to a form to fill out. After you fill out the form accordingly then press “submit” to have your issue addressed/resolved.

Check out your business or home on Google Maps. If you do not like the photo for whatever reason, then you can easily follow the steps above to report the photo. Happy Google Mapping!