Let’s get started with what exactly the Googlebot is.  The Googlebot is here to “help”, but sometimes it’s hard for it to find all your information.  It’s also known as the ‘spider’ because it crawls the ‘web’ looking for pages. Google sure is clever in its naming process, but what’s more clever is how the bot goes about surveying the Internet to discover web-pages.

Websites are designed to attract people and the Googlebot scans the Internet just like humans do, but with a much more finely tuned system.  The system is predicated on an algorithm that is continually changing and on occasion drives SEO specialists mad trying to discern the new intricacies of the formula.  Additionally, the process of crawling begins with a list of URLs which were created by a previous crawl and as the bot searches the site, new links are provided from the existing page to others in which the bot will search, adding to it’s ‘web.’

This presents the following question: how does the bot find your page?  Well, the more quality links you have citing your website the better.  Every time the bot notices a quality ‘citation’ for your website, your backlink inventory will grow and so will your notoriety with the Googlebot, hopefully resulting in higher SERP rankings.

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