Google Webmaster Tools: Search Impact Reports

Google released an alpha version of their new search queries report in Google Webmaster Tools to a minuscule number of Webmasters for feedback and testing.

I recently signed up to test and give feedback on Google’s alpha version of their new Search Queries report, and I was one of a delicate few Webmasters selected to try out the new report. The current Search Queries report will most likely be replaced with the Search Impact report.

When released to the public, the Search Impact report will be located in the Search Traffic section in Google Webmaster Tools. The new report will give Webmasters the ability to breakdown clicks and position metrics by one of these six dimensions: date, popular queriestop pages, leading countries, user device and Google Search property. Additionally, you can filter and compare across these dimensions.

Here are some screenshots of the new Search Impact report in Google Webmaster Tools (not yet released to the public):

By Date Report:


By Popular Queries:

search impact report popular queries

By Top Pages:

Search Impact Report By Top Pages

By Country:

Search Impact Report By Top Countries

By User Device:

Search Impact Report By User Device

By Google Search Property:

Search Impact Report By Google Property

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