Google vs. EU Continues…

By October 14, 2014 News

The fight continues to go round and round between Google and the European Union. Google and the EU reached a tentative agreement after 4 years where Google would not have to pay a $6 billion fine as long as they amended their search results to display Google owned products and competitor products with equal footing. However, after three attempts, the EU is still dissatisfied and they contend that if this next attempt is insufficient, Google will have to pay the $6 billion fine which is approximately 10% of their worldwide sales.

The group, Focus on the User, has launched software that they believe reflects what the search results should display based on Google’s  algorithm. Previously, this browser extension was only available on their GitHub page, but it has recently been accepted by Google’s Chrome Store for download and use on their Chrome browser. The members of Focus on the User found it a bit comical that their extension would be approved, however they believe that the extension will provide users the best possible experience when utilizing the Google search engine and concluded that users would be more inclined to click on resources that were not specifically held by Google.

The next showdown between Google and the EU is slated for later this fall. The woman who has the honor of settling this dispute is Margrethe Vestager. She will assume her post as the EU’s Competition Chief on November 1st and will make her decision on the matter. Margrethe Vestager’s feelings about Google are unclear, but the way she feels about the use of confidential information is not. She contends that user’s information should remain secure and that the rules of  fairness in the market place and free competition are to be enforced. To that note, she will be making her ruling with what appears to be a fair and neutral mind in regard to the matter with the best interests of the users at heart.

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