Google Updates Middle-earth

By November 20, 2014 May 29th, 2015 Inbound Marketing, News

Google has bestowed yet another gift to the world and for those of you who are Tolkien fanatics, you will especially enjoy it. The gift that they have so kindly given to us is a refresh to their platform, A Journey through Middle-earth. In this platform it not only has an interactive map, but has also been equipped with a new battle mode. The platform masterfully pieced together the coding elements of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to guide you through the lands of Middle-earth. Additionally, you can interact with the characters, watch video snippets, learn the history of the land, and explore it in all it’s Tolkien glory!

In this most recent refresh, Google decided to add their newest web-based advancements. Those came in the form of WebRTC and WebGL. WebtRTC is a great tool that utilizes API updates to provide realtime information via JavaScript and WebGL works perfectly into A Journey Through Middle-earth because it assists in rendering 3D and 2D visuals in browsers without the use of plug-ins through APIs created with JavaScript.

The best part about this entire Tolkien experience is that it can now be taken from the desktop to your pocket. The platform is fully functional on both tablet and mobile devices and gives you the freedom to battle on the go. However, not all devices are supported. In this refresh you can take a journey to all 27 lands from The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings series lay siege in in the battle mode. Also, one fun feature is that  you can embark on epic quests just as the characters did and invite your friends a long for the ride.

The Journey through Middle-earth platform is a great way for Google to display their advanced web-based technology in fun ways for the public to see. I don’t about you, but I’m very curious to see what kind of magic Google will come up with next.

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