Google+ Takes the Next Step with Brand Pages

By November 8, 2011 May 29th, 2015 Local, Social Media

The number one search engine in the world may have just gotten a little bigger. Google’s launch of the Google+ Brand Pages is taking the social network to a new level. There are now about 40 million people using Google+, and with the new Brand Pages, it is only going to get bigger.

Setting Up

Getting your Brand Page started is simple. Sign into your Google+ Profile and click “create a Google+ Page.” You can choose from five different categories: product/brand, company/institution/organization, local business/place, arts/entertainment/sports, or other. Then click “create.” Choosing which category your Page fits in isn’t a huge game changer. The functionality and discoverability isn’t directly affected by which category that is chosen. As of right now, the only category that has different features is the local business/place category. It is designed to help people locate the business by the address.

There is only a slight difference in the look between Brand Pages and Profiles. You can differentiate the two by a small square icon that says Page rather than Profile.

Positive Features

Brand Pages are going to help brands and companies across the globe. Regarding SEO, Google will index everything publicly for Google+. Google doesn’t index Twitter at all and only some of the content on Facebook. This is pretty huge for getting found on the largest search engine in the world. Google+ also influences social and authorship, which are the two key elements when it comes to ranking. Brand recognition will become stronger because Google+ Pages ties +1’s on you Page to +1’s on you website. The powerhouse for search is making it easier for brands and companies to be found and having more control over their content.

The Direct Connect feature is an easy way to add other Pages to you Circles. It will automatically add Google+ Pages to your Circles from Google search. All you have to do is add + in front of the page you are searching for, and it will take you right to that Page.

Not Perfect Yet

Even though all of this sounds so great, the Brand Pages still have some flaws. Unlike Facebook, Google+ doesn’t allow admins for the page. So it is difficult to get multiple people from your company or brand all on the same Page. There have also been some recent reports of Circle adding errors. The issues consist of trying to add Circles to Pages that have already been created from a personal Profile.

Despite a few bugs, the launch of Google+ Brand Pages may make a huge impact on how social and search are going to run. So, what do you think of the Brand Pages, will your company be using it?

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