Google Plus Adds New Photo Features

By January 10, 2013 August 23rd, 2015 News

There has been a lot of talk lately about Google “forcing” users to use Google Plus. Don’t fret, it’s mostly old news. There are, however, some new changes to images and photo viewing that launched this week. 

The ability to pan and zoom large photos within Google Plus was announced yesterday by Googler Dave Cohen via a post on his Google Plus account.

Google Announces Google Plus Image Zoom

Dave Cohen’s Official Announcement

This change offers a distinct advantage to artists and photographers who want to share hi-res images in a social network. Facebook, the primary competitor (though that term is debatable) offers image sharing in a compressed format, preventing detailed images from being enjoyed in their full glory.

The zoom feature is used on the desktop version of the site by using the mouse wheel or trackpad to zoom in and out. A traditional click-and-drag method is used to pan photos.

google plus image zoom

Google is not the only social site to make changes to its photo sharing and viewing policies lately. You may remember the Instagram v. Twitter sharing kerfluffle or the Facebook Camera launch in 2012. It is clear in a visual world the optimization of images for social sharing is becoming vital. So, will this new feature incentivize you to share on Google Plus? Only time will tell.

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