Google+ Makes Important Updates

By December 20, 2011 News, Social Media

Like any other powerful social media network, Google+ listened to its user’s and made updates to their platform accordingly. When Google+ introduced Business Pages this past November, the first thing we noticed here at The Clix Group was that there wasn’t the ability to have numerous administrators for our business page, like you can with Facebook. There was only one email login, and if anyone here wanted to update our page, they had to know that email address and password, log in to that account, and update the page, rather than doing it from their own Google+ page. This was annoying. Luckily, Google+ realized this, and has now added the ability to have up to 50 administrators for one business page. This is the biggest and most important update they’ve made since introducing the business pages. They have also made it easier to personalize our streams, and added more useful and attractive notifications.

So how do you go about starting to add up to 50 administrators to your business page? Have your main domain administrator of your business page log in to your companies Google+ account, click on settings, and then managers, and start adding the email addresses of people that you want to be administrators! This update is going to make Google+ business pages much more useful and informative for everyone since so many people will be able to update it constantly.

The second update Google+ made is letting users have more control about what they see in their streams. If you follow a lot of people on Google+, whether its your personal account or your companies business page, the stream is continually updating and you miss a lot of important posts if you’re not constantly checking the page. Google+ is now letting you “graphic-equalize” your stream, which Google said means “when viewing the stream for a particular circle, you’ll now see a slider at the top that lets you adjust how posts from that circle should be blended into the main stream. That way you’ll never miss a post from that special someone, and you can tweak these settings to form your own perfect stream.” Similar to what Facebook’s list feature did, this will enhance your user experience, and will help you see all of the updates made by those most important to you.

The third update that Google+ made is improving their notifications both visually and functionally. Not only did they make them look better, but they also now provide you with more information. Before you had to click on each notification and then log in to your account to see what it was about, but now the notifications provide you with a preview of the current updates in your stream, as well as letting you know if your recent posts have been shared or +1’d since you last signed in. This update will make it easier for you to see whats going on on Google+ without necessarily having to log in.

To check out a video of all of the updates by Google, click here: Google+ Updates

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