Google Analytics Integrates with Google Pagespeed

By November 6, 2013 Inbound Marketing, Website Design

Yesterday, Google Analytics introduced speed suggestions. For some time now, Google Pagespeed has been treated as a separate entity of Google Analytics, but is now officially a part of the analytics reporting section.

Google Analytics integrates with Google Pagespeed

The importance of website speed has become more pronounced as a result of Google’s search quality updates. Online marketing teams are veering their focus from binging on backlink building to developing the functional components of a website.

Site speed is an important component of what should be an “all-in” approach to online marketing, or inbound marketing. Inbound marketing closely resembles a car in that different components of the car such as the framework, engine, tires, gas tank, gas, steering, etc. are required in order for it to run properly.

For example, if we ignore on-page optimization, content planning, strategy, creation, and sharing, then we’re missing the framework, driver, and fuel. If we keep on-page optimization, but neglect the structure of the website, then the framework of the car is compromised. Nuts and bolts could be missing, and it could fall apart at any moment.

Your website is the chassis of a car. It forms the foundation upon which design, content, and additional functionality is built. This is a higher priority today with respect to ranking. With access to site speed suggestions via Google Analytics, inbound marketers can now see how efficient their clients’ websites are as well as the necessary steps that should be taken to rev the engines and make their sites faster.

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