Goodbye Traditional Marketing, Hello Social Media Marketing!

Television, radio and print marketing are becoming a thing of the past. It is expensive, and isn’t reaching as many people as it used to. Regardless if it works or not, your pocket is empty, and you’re not guaranteed anything in return. So, where is everyone looking? The internet. Social media is taking over in the marketing world, and quite frankly it is only going to get bigger.

An abundance of resources

While implementing a marketing strategy there are so many more options than there used to be. Which can be a good thing and a bad thing. (mostly good!)

Good-The more resources that are out there with your name on it, the more you are going to get recognized. Having a mixture of some traditional marketing and social media marketing can reach out to a significant amount and many different types of people. Plus like I stated earlier, nearly everyone is on the internet.

Bad-Having more options requires more time and effort being put into marketing, but if you are prepared to do it–you will only reap the rewards.

Everybody else is doing it

College students flipped out when they saw their moms on facebook, but businesses loved it. Having more and more people join facebook meant that they could target more people. Sorry, college students, but facebook isn’t all about you anymore!

The key in marketing your business is to maintain each source you are using. Whether it is facebook, twitter, TV, radio, newspaper, or magazine, you must keep up with it. Especially when it comes to social media; you can’t just start something and walk away from it.

Social media marketing takes time, and doesn’t just happen over night. Which is why some people may lean more towards the traditional marketing strategy, because when you run a TV ad, it gives an automatic impact. When it comes to social media, you have to build a following and build a fan base. While building this following, it is imperative that the content is there. No one is going to follow you or like your page if you have nothing to offer. So create a page that stands out, and makes people want to stay active.

Businesses who have incorporated social media into their marketing strategy are on top of their game. If you are one of those businesses without a facebook page or twitter account, you need to catch up before you get left in the dust.

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