Cool Features of the New MozBar: Version 3

By June 6, 2014 News, SEO Software

The inbound marketing software company Moz recently released its new MozBar browser extension version 3. This extension is only available for Google Chrome at the moment, but Moz says that there will be a version for Firefox released “in a few weeks”.


What is the MozBar SEO Tool?

It’s nothing like a Klondike bar… it’s better. Moz describes this free SEO tool as an application that “provides on-page access to Moz’s link metrics and site analysis tools.” It’s safe to say that the MozBar has saved many people tons of time and headache since 2008, which is why it has gained popularity with many SEO’s and Inbound Marketers.

The free MozBar tool provides insight into three main areas of concern:

  • SERP analysis
  • Site/competitor research
  • Link profile analysis

Here is a run through of some cool features of the MozBar SEO Tool

Create custom search profiles

With the MozBar users don’t have to use modifiers and perform multiple searches in multiple browser. The MozBar also gives users the ability to toggle between different browsers and location settings with just a few clicks.


How to change location via the MozBar

How to change location via the MozBar


See important page attributes and elements on the page

The capabilities of the the MozBar’s page analysis tools are some of the strongest features of the application. These tools allow you users to have an instant on-page audit of any URL visited. With a tiptap of the keys and point of the finger, users can instantly see important on page factors like title tags, meta description, canonical tags, page load time, HTTP status and they can easily distinguish between followed or nofollowed links.

mozbar find links

mozbar find links

Social Media at a Glance

Some new and exciting features of the new MozBar are being able to view social activity and having the ability to quickly view the semantic markup. So, if you want to make sure a Twitter card is properly set up or get a quick G+ follower head count, you can do it without burning a single calorie.

new features mozbar 3

new features mozbar 3

Pro tip from Moz: MozBar obscuring your page? Hit Shift+Ctrl+Alt+M to show / hide the bar!