A link is, in other words, the web address for a web page. This appears in the address bar at the top of your browser.

Where the address/link for a page is located in your browser

First, log into a social network. Next, find the box where you can type in something to share. Each social network is a little different, but all will have this feature in some form, usually near the top or top-left of the main page.

The “compose new tweet” box in Twitter

Copy and paste the link you wish to share. Select the address in the address bar with your mouse and either right-click and select “copy” or press ctrl+c (Mac: command+c) on the keyboard. Then paste the link into the box on the social media page (right-click and select “paste” or press ctrl+v (Mac: command+v).

Finally, include anything you’d like to say about the link and click “share,” “tweet,” or “post.”


(N.B.: Additional adjustments such as link shortening or the addition of a picture from the web page may be done automatically.)