Content That Gives You an Excuse to Waste Time

By November 21, 2013 June 11th, 2018 Content Marketing

No matter how busy we tell ourselves we are, we always have time to waste.

If you need proof…no you don’t need proof. That’s why Shell and Ferrari’s promotion that they’re running in the UK is such a great idea: they’re encouraging people to waste their time in a certain way. All they need to do is collect some Lego cars and complete certain challenges with them, then record the results on social media. There are prizes for chosen winners, including a trip to the Ferrari factory.

Sure, there’s a prize to be won, but let’s face it: no one needs the motivation of a prize to play with Legos, especially grown men.

In fact, the real brilliance of this content (yes, this is a kind of content) is the use of Legos. Few toys can truly be enjoyed by people of all ages, and few brands evoke such fondness for grown-ups. Whether they win the contest or not, the participants have an excuse to waste some time, be creative, and feel good about Legos again (with the addition of a few strategically placed logos).

(Thanks to Forbes for tipping me off.)

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