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Why You Should Choose Clix For All of Your Online Marketing Needs


One of the most important aspects of optimizing for search engine algorithms, like Google’s, is commonly referred to as off-page SEO. Off-page SEO is a sort of strategy associated with an inbound marketing campaign that prioritizes the presence of your domain in places that are not your website; hence “off-page.”

When a link to your website appears on another website, we call it a backlink (the ‘link’ refers the user ‘back’ to your site). There are good backlinks and bad backlinks. Google’s algorithm stresses importance on ensuring that the sites that refer users to your domain are of a high quality and a credible source. The backlinks that are garnered for your site will directly affect the “votes” that Google casts for your site to be considered a well rounded, credible and preferred source for web users.

So, it’s imperative when working on a “backlinking” campaign that you are targeting websites that have a high pagerank or domain authority in an effort to carry the positive “link juice” from their site to yours. For example, we would want to target acquiring a backlink on a page like before we would target an artbitrary and poorly built web directory to link to your site.


One of the most assured ways to optimize any given website effectively is to start by tracking user engagement, traffic trends, impressions, demographics, goals etc… All of these elements would be considered analytics. Consistent quantitative analyses of your site and its analytics will allow for implementation of certain strategies to ensure that you are capitalizing on the user’s interaction/trends as well as help to identify opportunities for improvement. Analytics associated with any SEO campaign are imperative to the optimization of a site as it allows for consistent information and necessary adjustments to assure Google (or any other search engine) that your site is relevant and adapting to the needs of the user.

Search Engines

Without Search Engines, we wouldn’t have jobs! To put it plainly, search engines are programs that crawl the entirety of the internet, indexing information associated with every domain and establishing credibility of those websites to the user’s keyword search query. There is a series of contingencies and best practices that are required by search engines’ algorithms in order to most efficiently and consistently display the best options associated with the user’s search. Examples would be Google, Bing, Yahoo etc…

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