Calling All Ad Extensions – Google Rolls Out Callouts

By September 10, 2014 News, Pay Per Click

Now moving out of beta, Google’s callout extensions are rolling out to advertisers globally in AdWords this month (you may have seen already seen notifications in your AdWords account). This latest ad extension from Google offers a new variation for your PPC ad format and provides a solution for many advertisers who, to date, have had limited ability to utilize ad extensions or highlight their added-value offerings.

What are they?

Callout extensions are promotional phrases that appear below your ad copy: static text (no landing page required), up to 25 characters per callout text, and 2-4 callouts displayed at a time.

Best practice: insert promotional offers that highlight your added-value services and products, such as “Free Shipping” or “24 Hour Customer Service”.

Why use them?

Google automatically optimizes your ad formats to determine which variation generates the highest CTR. While you cannot guarantee which ad extension(s) will appear with your ad copy, you can rest assured that the highest CTR ad extensions are shown more frequently.

Test adding callout extensions to your ads to potentially boost CTR.
– Need another reason? Google recently updated their ad rank algorithm to factor in ad extensions and their expected performance. Utilizing as many effective ad extensions as possible helps your overall ad rank and performance.

How Are They Beneficial?

In addition to potentially boosting your CTR, callout extensions offer an ad extension solution for advertisers with limited landing pages, to increase their real estate on the SERP and highlight product and service offers. Sitelink extensions require their own landing pages so many advertisers have had limited ability to use them, if at all.

Also, consider that callout extensions allow you to display value-added products and services without having to take up ad copy text or drive searchers to a less relevant landing page via sitelinks. If callout extensions prove successful for your PPC performance, consider reevaluating your ad copy to make the best use of all space available.

Advertisers currently utilizing several ad extensions may not see much impact from this new feature. However, callouts do fill a need for brands who’ve been struggling to increase their presence on the SERP, improving their ad rank and differentiating themselves from competitors.

Learn more from Google here.


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