Bing Partners Up With Klout: “Search Through People”

By September 28, 2012 News, Social Media

Earlier today, Microsoft and Klout announced a partnership between one another, which will incorporate Klout’s data into Microsoft’s search engine, Bing.  Conversely, Klout scores will begin to take into account Bing’s search results and queries.

Both Microsoft and Klout believe that the acceleration of the social web and the increasing significance of your online identity are essentially transfiguring the Internet, making it even more crucial to understand people, not just pages.

Klout’s vision is to enable everyone to discover and be recognized for how they influence the world.  A user’s influence on others is determined by their Klout score .  The Klout Score incorporates more than 400 signals from seven different networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Klout, Foresquare, and Wikipedia.

Klout stated in their Bing partnership announcement that “Search data has long been one of the missing signals in our effort to fully recognize a person’s influence“.  This makes sense considering people use more than just those seven networks that Klout initially utilized in it’s influence scores.

Many digital marketers and SEO’s have seen the impact that social media is having on search engine results and rankings.  While most have begun to incorporate social media into their comprehensive SEO strategy, there are still many that strictly focus on acquiring more backlinks (not a good idea).

So what do you think?  How big of an impact will this unique partnership have on Bing’s search engine results?  Do you think Google is going to make some moves to compete with this idea?  Feel free to discuss below.

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