Ok, so this article is about learning the ins and outs of SEO. I will tell you every single secret, trick and strategy in the book. So, get out your notepad and let’s get to work.

Yeah right! I might as well tell you the secret ingredient that’s in my mom’s chili. But, I will tell you this. SEO is not a matter of this secret or that secret. In fact, on-page and off-page SEO strategies can be broken down into two basic concepts. Firstly, on-page SEO requires relevance (something I talk about on a regular basis). Secondly, off-page SEO is just a matter of spreading your site around the internet amongst various sites that are relevant to yours. There I go with relevance again. You’ll have to read one of my last blog posts to understand my thought process on the importance of relevance.

Now, are there more detailed components to on-page and off-page SEO? Of course, it’s not as simple as it sounds and in some cases it’s not nearly as hard as it sounds either! But, no matter how basic or difficult SEO may be sometimes, there are elements to general online marketing strategies like search engine optimization that separate SEO agencies from “one-man” shows (which should be avoided).

Why does it make sense to avoid one-man shows?

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  • Firstly, the shear number of talented people in an SEO firm can provide you with more value. Why would you throw money into someone’s bank account who has to deal with 15+ clients? He or she is probably outsourcing your SEO and cutting the difference since there are only 24 hours in a day.
  • Secondly, many one-man shows support their SEO with numerous guest appearances at seminars, teaching sessions and consulting. Now, I am not knocking consulting. There’s nothing wrong with that. Moving forward, consulting can be a great way to form a partnership with your client. However, charging $10 to “teach” SEO is completely useless for the client and makes you as an SEO “guru” look like you’re squeezing pennies. If you were the client in this case, you might as well just throw your money down the toilet.
  • Finally, one-man shows usually are less expensive, which is always a major factor in the decision-making process for companies considering SEO. Usually prospective clients want to choose the cheapest SEO firm, thinking that they’ll get the same amount of work from them in comparison to the more expensive firm (cheaper usually means less quality and value).

In the end, always consider using an SEO company over a one-man show. It makes more sense to have your money invested in a team of people who are capable of working on your search marketing strategy rather than pay to have someone simply outsource your SEO to other people across the world.

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