Are You Siri-ous?

By October 6, 2011 Mobile

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) has been an intriguing concept for decades. Many Hollywood movies have utilized the idea that humanity will one day create a supercomputer capable of thinking for itself entirely. As a result, this revolutionary A.I. decides that humanity is either a threat or a pestilence to itself or the environment. Remember Skynet and Hal 9000?

Hal 9000

Hal 9000

On Oct. 4, Apple officially announced the iPhone 4S. That’s old news but according to an article entitled “The Apple iPhone 4S letdown: Why it doesn’t matter” by Josh Lowensohn of, Apple consumers were relatively let down by the announcement of only a new version of the iPhone 4. It left many wondering, what happened to the iPhone 5?

Siri has something to say about that, literally. Siri is the key cog of Apple’s new smartphone voice recognition and response-to-text program. Like Hal 9000 or GLaDOS, Siri can respond to your requests in a helpful and efficient manner. For example, the Vice President of Apple, Scott Forstall, asked Siri where the location of a Greek restaurant was. Siri replied monotonously by saying that she had “found five and had listed them for him in order of their customer-review rankings.”

greek food

So, Siri where can I find great Greek food?

So, is Siri the only component of Apple’s new iPhone that makes it worth buying? Or, should consumers just stick with their iPhone 4 and wait until iPhone 5?

iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 4S

Major iPhone 4S Features:

  • Siri – Voice recognition to text program that is believed to be the first real step towards efficient, voice command.
  • Dual core A5 processor
  • 8-megapixel camera that shoots 1080p H.D. quality video
  • Memory options: 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB
  • Battery life = the same as iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Features:

  • Does not utilize Siri
  • Single core A4 processor
  • 5-megapixel camera that shoots 720p video
  • Memory options: 16 GB, 32 GB
SEO & Social Media Changed by HD Recording

1080p High Definition Recording is Utilized by iPhone 4S

Overall, both phones are relatively similar. However, Apple hopes the introduction and establishment of new technology like Siri and H.D. recording will propel future gadgets to higher levels. So far, the iPhone 4S looks like a mere stepping-stone towards what Apple is developing next, whether it is Hal 9000 or Skynet…

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