Google AdWords Feature Spotlight: Auction Insights

By October 24, 2014 Pay Per Click

Getting the most out of the free tools already available to you is a valuable way to succeed at PPC. Google AdWords is a robust interface that offers many features to enhance and optimize your PPC campaigns.

Here is a closer look at one of these such features, free to all advertisers in AdWords: Google Auction Insights.

Google Auctions Insights launched in 2012 via AdWords, offering insight and additional transparency into the competitive space for auctions you participate in. This competitive analysis tool can help you identify new areas of opportunity for your PPC campaigns or provide context into factors contributing to your performance.

Auction Insights can be accessed from several tabs within AdWords: campaign, ad group, and keywords. Auction Insights data shows how you are performing compared to competitors when you compete in the same auction. The following metrics are measured, showing how you stack up against the competition: impression share, average position, overlap rate, position above rate and top of page rate.

You can segment the data, breaking down performance by time (down to the day) and device. Also, you can view data for the entire tab, or, select particular campaign(s), ad group(s) and keywords(s) to scope in and view individual auction insights.

– Device: See if your campaigns are winning in the mobile space compared to competitors or identify areas of opportunity

– Time: Identify opportunities for dayparting or fluctuations in competition throughout the week

Competitive analysis is a key part of optimizing your campaigns in order to proactively strategize for opportunities in the market or react to changes in competition.

More from Google on how to use AdWords Auction Insights.

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