Adios Google Helpouts

By March 11, 2015 January 19th, 2020 News

Prepare for another Google feature to disappear towards the end of April 2015. Although Google Helpouts are a benefit to users and the experts providing the advice, there was not enough traffic to warrant it and keep the feature alive.

The idea behind Google Helpouts was to leverage Google’s Identity tools, online video services and others to provide users a wide range of help and advice on various topics. There were hopes of this feature taking off in the medical community where patients could consult their doctor, nurses, and even veterinarians. Will the new health feature provide what Google Helpouts couldn’t for the medical industry?

The Helpouts Community has been a helpful resource to many users since 2013 but it’s time to say “so long”.

Check out the new Google health feature launching this month!


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